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It is Barisan Nasional’s fervent wish to continue supporting the aspirations of the people well beyond 2020 when the developed nation status becomes a reality.

Barisan Nasional holds fast to the promise of steering the country towards success and perfection in its effort to develop a holistic Malaysia, strengthen the reins of its economy and generate a uniform national unity.

This wish will mature if the eight values outlined under the 1Malaysia concept – a culture of excellence, perseverance, humility, acceptance, loyalty, meritocracy, education and integrity – can be successfully incorporated into the hearts of both the people and the leaders.

Barisan Nasional as a progressive party sensitive to the welfare of the people has created prosperity for 55 years and will continue to fight for a better future for the rakyat.

Change, and the concept of transformation brought by Barisan Nasional, put the need of the people, in particular the future generations, at the forefront.

The (then) symbol of the sailing ship and now the scale amply reflect Barisan Nasional as a mighty vessel and scale of justice that will continue to helm the country to success.

With the welfare of the people in mind, Barisan Nasional will continue to thwart the various threats that aim to threaten and disrupt the sanctity of their lives. The government will remain united in offering its services, mobilising its strengths and yielding its time for the good of all.

The path is thorny and the challenges formidable but Barisan Nasional has never veered off-course in putting the interests of the people first; then, now and rest assured, in the future.

Barisan Nasional is not oblivious to the game of political chess weighing in with perception and numbers. Be that as it may, such game will remain empty rhetorics if the life of the common man remains unchanged.

Thus Barisan Nasional gives its commitment to steering Malaysia beyond 2020, by putting the interests and welfare of the people at the heart of the struggle, besides helping them face the challenges of the modern world.

It is our fervent hope that Barisan Nasional will continue to helm the struggle for as long as it takes, in championing the principle of People First, Performance Now for the betterment of all.

Many ideas have borne fruit under the innovative stewardship of Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak; the path towards a more secure future for the populace has never been brighter.

Beginning with Government Transformation Programme (GTP), onwards to Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) and now Political Transformation Programme (PTP), Barisan is proving itself serious in shaping a more structured and transformative future for the people of Malaysia.